The MYTRAK® mHealth Community™

When you connect SMARTCOACH™ to your computer you are automatically taken to your personal Dashboard in your Online mHealth Community™. Like the dashboard of a car, all the data you need is presented to you like gauges and indicators telling you how well your body is performing.

A 1-year subscription to our mHealth Community is included with every purchase of SMARTCOACH™ providing further support with like-minded people… challenging you to do your best and offering you support and advice on your journey.

Upgrade to an Advanced Membership today*

For the cost of one or two months at a gym you’ll receive a whole year of additional benefits. Activity Advisor support alone is worth the cost, and it’s just one of several features you’ll receive.

*Upgrade to Advanced membership requires SMARTCOACH™. Current owners of the device can upgrade at anytime.

The Online mHealth Community Features

Our Online mHealth Community™ comes equipped with the following features to help you reach your goals.

Todays Results Overall Results Heart Chart Energy Chart Goals Chart Favourite Activities Update Goals Update Profile Update Weight Steps Chart Distance Chart Caloric Balance My Stats Heart Rate Chart Personalized Online Activity Advisor SUpport

Advanced Membership Features

Heart ChartHeart Chart

This chart will graph the benefit your heart receives when exercising at various intensity levels or performing your favorite pre-selected recreational activities. It will assist you in making more informed heart healthy exercise choices.

Energy ChartEnergy Chart

See and compare your calorie burn for every hour of every day of SMARTCOACH utilization. This chart will also identify periods of inactivity, calorie burn intensity and activity trends while providing a complete history of targets and results.

Steps ChartSteps Count

Chart every step that you take throughout the day and view exactly what times you were most and least active.

Distance ChartDistance Chart

Your step count is taken to another level when converted to a mileage. See your distance chart history along with weekly and monthly trends.

Heart Rate ChartHeart Rate Chart

Track your time in your age adjusted heart rate training zones to get the most return for your effort. Train for fat loss or athletic performance with advanced charting of Heart Rate data (activates with Polar WearLink® + transmitter).

Personalized Online Activity AdvisorPersonalized Online Advisor

A certified professional will regularly evaluate your results, compare against your goals and message you based on your performance. Trainer tips, motivational support and group management are all part of this upgrade service.

Membership Comparison Chart

*Upgrade to Advanced membership requires SMARTCOACH™. Current owners of the device can upgrade at anytime. To purchase a device, visit the SMARTCOACH™ store and add it to the shopping cart.