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FAQ's About the SMARTCOACH™ Device

What is the Sync Manager?
The Sync Manager is the program required to successfully synchronize your device with your mHealth Community account.
Can I use my SMARTCOACH™ with any computer?
Currently, the SYNC Manager can be installed onto both Windows and MAC computers. You will also be able to charge your device in any standard computer USB plug. SMARTCOACH™ will be supported by personal computers with the following minimum system requirements:
  • Windows XP Home Edition (or later edition); Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • CPU: Pentium 4 (or higher)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or newer
  • Intel-based Mac (Core Duo or newer)
  • Memory: 500MB minimum
  • Free Disk Space: 1Gb minimum
  • Internet Connection; Internet Explorer 6 or higher or a compatible web browser
  • 1 available USB port
Can I sync SMARTCOACH™ on any computer?
In order to sync your device, you need to download the Sync Manager. The Sync Manager is the communication medium between your device and online account. It is responsible for syncing your SMARTCOACH™. You can install the Sync Manager on as many computers as required.
How do I install the Sync Manager software?
The Sync Manager can be downloaded from the Support section of the mHealth Communtiy. Following the download, run the installation program and follow all the on-screen instructions. Have your device and USB cable ready.
Is SMARTCOACH™ fully charged out of the package?
No. SMARTCOACH™ will require a full 1 hour charge before its first use.
How do I charge my SMARTCOACH™ and recharge it for future use?
Your SMARTCOACH™ will automatically begin to (re)charge when it is connected to a computer. The computer must be left on in order to charge. If the computer is turned off before the charge has been completed, SMARTCOACH™ will revert to its battery power. Alternatively, the optional SMARTCOACH™ AC adapter can be used.
How do I charge my SMARTCOACH™ battery if I can't get to a computer?
You can charge your SMARTCOACH™ battery one of two ways: using your computer or using the AC Adapter. To charge your device using the AC Adapter provided, gently connect the USB-A end of the USB cable provided to the bottom of the AC Adapter and USB-B to your device. Then, plug the adapter into an outlet.
Can I use any AC adapter to charge my SMARTCOACH™?
The AC official SMARTCOACH™ adapter should be the only adapter used to charge it. Using another adapter may provide too much power to the device causing damage to the circuit board.
How do I check the battery charge?
There is a battery charge indicator on the side of your SMARTCOACH™. When the battery charge becomes low, the indicator will blink once every 2 minutes and an audible beep can be heard, indicating that your SMARTCOACH™ should be charged. Another method is, once you are syncing, to hover over the battery icon within the Sync Manager. The percentage of battery charge will appear.
What should my SMARTCOACH™ look like when it is being charged by the AC Adapter or via my computer?
When you connect your SMARTCOACH™ to the AC Adapter or to your computer to charge its battery, a single "beep" will sound and a single green light will slowly move around the Health Circle. Pressing the central SMARTCOACH™button during the charge will activate the ascending and descending chimes for your device. While charging, your SMARTCOACH™ battery indicator light will act differently to various levels of charge. A solid red light indicates the battery life is very low, while a flashing red light indicates the battery is 80% to 100% charged. When the battery indicator is not lit, the battery is fully charged. When you unplug your device from its charging source another "single" beep will sound.
Where do I wear my SMARTCOACH™?
SMARTCOACH™ was designed to be worn on your hip. By clipping SMARTCOACH™ onto the waist of any shorts, pants or leg wear SMARTCOACH™ will be in the position to track your activities. Wearing SMARTCOACH™ on other parts of the body will not be as accurate and, therefore, is not recommended.
Can I take my SMARTCOACH™ swimming with me?
The SMARTCOACH™ itself is not waterproof, only water-resistant. However, we do have available the SMARTCOACH™ Aquapac Waterproof Pouch which is ideal for protecting your SMARTCOACH™ in all weather conditions. It is guaranteed submersible up to 15 feet /5 metres and keeps dust and sand out. The Aquapac will float safely if dropped in water and easily straps to your belt or Heart Rate Belt.
What does SMARTCOACH™ do?
While you wear SMARTCOACH™, it tracks your physical activities and calculates energy and activity levels. When a heart rate belt is worn it will also record your heart rate activity. SMARTCOACH™ uses the recorded information to provide an on-demand update of your progress towards your goals. The update enables you to take appropriate action to modify your activity and activity plans in order to reach your goals for that day and to make healthy living a part of your everyday life.
How do I use my SMARTCOACH™?
Once activated, feedback from your SMARTCOACH™ will be available at the push of a button. While wearing your SMARTCOACH™ at the hip all movements of the body will be recorded, stored, and analyzed to assess the amount of energy expended. Check your results by pressing the central button on the SMARTCOACH™.
How does SMARTCOACH™ monitor activity?
SMARTCOACH™ uses a set of sophisticated sensors to measure the intensity of your active life in multiple planes and dimensions and calculates the energy burn using your personal biometrics. SMARTCOACH™ uses this information to provide an on-demand update of progress towards your goals.
Does SMARTCOACH™ capture all activity?
During activities with little to no hip movement such as, cycling, resistance training, rowing etc., SMARTCOACH™ will not be able to gather an accurate calorie burn. Since SMARTCOACH™ relies on hip movement to calculate energy expenditure, a heart rate belt would be a valuable tool to capture energy expenditure on these types of activities. When combined with SMARTCOACH™, a heart rate belt will convert your heart rate to calories equivalent and credit you on your SMARTCOACH™.
How does SMARTCOACH™ interact with the Polar Heart Rate Belt?
When combined with your SMARTCOACH™, a heart rate belt will convert your heart rate to calories equivalent and credit you on your SMARTCOACH™. The belt and SMARTCOACH™ communicate wirelessly, so, as soon as you strap on your belt, SMARTCOACH™ will automatically detect and analyze your heart rate. You may have to play around with the position of your belt until SMARTCOACH™ registers your heart rate.

If a belt is worn, the My Heart segment on your SMARTCOACH™ will pulsate to your actual heart rate for about 15 seconds. This will happen automatically and immediately after your Daily Gauge is displayed. As well, you will notice the battery indicator light will turn on and remain a solid red. So, after you push SMARTCOACH™'s button once to activate your Daily Gauge watch the My Heart segment to identify your training zone. Depending on your zones, your My Heart segment will be pulsing yellow, green, or green with a "beep".
Does it matter what type of Polar Heart Rate Belt I have?
Yes. SMARTCOACH™ will only work with a "coded" version of the Polar belt.
How do I get my activity results from my SMARTCOACH™ to my computer?
Just plug in and sync. SMARTCOACH™ comes with a USB cable that is used to connect it to your computer and automatically synchronize itself to your mHealth Community account where you can then view your results, goals, and targets.
What happens if the Sync Manager does not launch when I plug my device in?
If the Sync Manager is not running, you may need to double click the icon on the desktop to restart it.
How often should I synchronize my SMARTCOACH™?
It is recommended that you sync your SMARTCOACH™ every day. This both keeps the battery power topped up (5 to 10 minutes per day of being plugged into a PC will make sure the battery does not run out).
Do I have to synchronize my SMARTCOACH™?
Yes. Every time you sync your SMARTCOACH™, the mHealth Portal analyzes your data and establishes new goals. These Goals are set for the next 7 days of activity, always challenging you to do a little more. Therefore, if you choose not to sync your device, your targets will stop increasing after 7 days and you may not reach your ultimate goal.
What does the SMARTCOACH™ central button do?
It provides a visual update on the progress towards that day's goal. The first button press will show your Daily Gauge calorie burn. The second button press will show your Health Circle: My Heart, My Health and My Energy status. SMARTCOACH™ will also indicate heart rate and training zone if you are wearing a Polar Heart Rate belt.
How do I turn off my SMARTCOACH™?
There is no "off" switch. Your SMARTCOACH™ will automatically enter sleep mode when it does not detect activity. Your Daily Gauge will also automatically reset each night at midnight.
What if I forget to upload my data?
SMARTCOACH™ has the capacity to hold up to 30 days of activity data. If you forget to upload the data, SMARTCOACH™ will begin to overwrite the oldest information one day at a time. It is recommended that you upload your activity often.
Can I use a friend's SMARTCOACH™?
No. Each SMARTCOACH™ is personalized to fit the needs of the individual it is associated with. If someone were to use a SMARTCOACH™ assigned to another person, not only would the data be incorrect, it would also negatively affect the goals and activities of that user.

FAQ's About "My Dashboard"

Why is there no data in My Results for Today?
If you have not synced Today, then the ring will remain grey and no data will be shown. Please sync your SMARTCOACH™.
How Does Lifestyle Impact my Weight Loss or Maintenance Goals?
Knowing your lifestyle helps us to predict the optimum path towards achieving your goal. The higher your lifestyle, the more active you are and the higher the calorie burn we can plan. Lifestyle will also impact the way heart healthy activity minutes are measured. The healthier you are, the higher your activity intensity needs to be to get positive health benefits.
What are Heart Activity Minutes?
Heart Activity Minutes are the total number of minutes you have completed where the activity was energetic enough that it elevates the heart to a level that has positive health benefits.
How do I get more Heart Activity Minutes?
If you are achieving your energy targets but not getting Heart Healthy minutes then the intensity of your activities needs to be addressed. Your workouts may be long enough but not intense enough. Your weekly calculated lifestyle, which can be found by clicking the Overall Results icon under the My Dashboard tab, determines how hard and how long you need to work to attain and maintain a green My Heart. Fitter individuals? hearts are likely to be more efficient, which is why someone living an Active lifestyle will need to work out harder and longer to achieve Heart Healthy minutes. So, while 30 minutes of brisk walking (light activity) may be enough for an Inactive lifestyle, someone living an Active lifestyle will need 45 minutes of jogging (moderate activity). If you cannot sustain high intensities for long periods of time, start with 5 to 10-minute bouts followed by active rest.
I'm finding it too easy to get all green?
Your daily energy targets are the amount of calories you are required to burn to fill your Daily Gauge. If you are finding it relatively easy to achieve your SMARTCOACH™ Caloric Targets, create a new goal. When you create a new goal, you will be incorporating your current lifestyle which in most cases is higher (more active) than when you set your original goal and thus, will create higher SMARTCOACH™ caloric targets.
What do the stars mean?
The stars that appear beside your display picture are a performance rating. You can achieve a maximum of 5 stars by maintaining a green lit Health Circle. Push your SMARTCOACH™ button twice to view your Health Circle. Your stars can fluctuate. For instance, if you go from an all green Health Circle to a green, yellow, green (Health, Heart, Energy) colour combination, your star rating will drop from a 5 to a 4. If your Health Circle is showing some red or yellow you can be reduced to 1 or 2 stars. Every time you re-sync your SMARTCOACH™, please refresh your Dashboard results to update your star count.
How do I get points?
Points are based on your ability to achieve your energy targets and are recalculated every time you sync your SMARTCOACH™. Essentially, you get points for attaining and maintaining a green Health Circle. So, the more steps you take, energy you burn, heart healthy minutes you achieve etc. the more points you get.
What does PI mean?
My PI is your long term Performance Index (PI). PI is SMARTCOACH™'s proprietary health measurement. PI is a simple way of measuring success. If your PI increases, you are getting fitter. Your PI number is based on your energy expenditure, which is derived from your personal biometrics and the intensity and duration of the activities that you perform. As your health and activity levels improve, your PI number will increase.

FAQ's About "My Profile"

Can other SMARTCOACH™ Users view my personal information?
No. The mHealth Community Portal will only allow SMARTCOACH™ users to share information they wish to exchange about their progress, friends, and events. Your personal information will remain private.
Is there a place to enter the foods I'm eating?
Yes! My Nutrition is a tool that allows you to easily track your meals, create your own foods (if you cannot find your food in our database), use one of our goal-specific customized diets, and more!

FAQ's About "My Community"

What is "My Community"?
"My Community", or "mHealth Communtuy" is a social network of SMARTCOACH™ users who have a common objective of improving their health by using the SMARTCOACH™ device. My Community empowers you to track your activities and create a personalized coaching program. In addition, the My Community pages are an excellent resource for information and tips on fitness and health from health professionals, fellow SMARTCOACH™ users, and SMARTCOACH™ Certified Trainers.
How do I create a comment in the Message Board?
Message board comments can be created at the user and group levels. If you want to post a personal comment that is targeted to your friend, create your comment in their profile's Message Board Tab by clicking the Add New Comment button. If the comment is targeted to a specific group, create your comment in the group?s message board tab. You must be a member of that group to be able to post your comments.
How do I add a friend?
To add a friend, go to My Community. On the right of the My Friends label is a magnifying glass, click on it to search for friends. You will see a search box after doing so, type in either your friend's display name, first name, or last name. Click on the Search button. You should now see a list of everyone within the Community with the name you entered. Once you find your friend, you need to invite them to be your friend by clicking the Add as a Friend button. Once they accept your invitation, you will then see them in your Friends list.
How do I join a group?
To join a Community group, click the magnifying glass next to My Groups. You can search for groups alphabetically or by name. Once you find a group of interest, click the Join Group link. Please note that joining a private group will first require approval from the group administrator.