Your Roadmap to Success

At the press of a button SMARTCOACH™ works like a GPS device--determining whether or not you are on the right road to a healthier body. If you’ve somehow made a wrong turn, SMARTCOACH™ will help you correct your course.

Display Mode 1

Press the button once and SMARTCOACH™ visually tells you your daily progress as well as the remaining activity you need to maintain your care. It's so simple—as you get closer to your daily goal, your health circle will gradually change from red to green.

Display Mode 2

Press the button twice and SMARTCAOCH™ will provide an overall view of your progress and breakdown the data into three essential areas – heart care, overall health care, and body energy.

Sync SMARTCOACH™ to your computer and a whole world of information opens up to you using advanced interactive graphics. You’ll be able to see the steps you’ve taken, distance you’ve traveled, energy you’ve expended, optimum heart activity, and the calories you’ve burned. You’ll also receive personalized information that suggests ways to optimize your health.

Have a Heart-to-Heart

SMARTCOACH transforms into a heart rate monitor with the simple addition of a Polar WearLink®+ coded transmitter belt. You’ll know when you’re in the ideal heart rate zone to optimize caloric burn. By measuring the intensity of your activity, SMARTCOACH can help you get the physical and cardiovascular care you are looking for from your activities.

It’s Science. Not Science Fiction

Simply put, SMARTCOACH™ is a small, sophisticated computer. It uses our patented Smart Body Technology™ to sense, analyze, and track your body's movements in 3-D.

  • Whole Body Energy Analysis
  • Movement Intensity Analysis
  • Movement Type Analysis
  • Movement Duration Analysis
  • Heart Activity vs Body Motion Analysis